Everdigm Boom Pump

Our first job for the brand new 40m Everdigm Boom Pump last Friday 18th January 2019. Making use of the great innovative software that allows us to short leg the machine for jobs just like this.

Footpath at Bokarina Beach

Pumping in some footpaths for JRB Concrete on the Hall Contracting site, Bokarina Beach estate, just off Nicklin Way.

Pumping Concrete from a distance

This clearly shows the range of our concrete pump!

Slab in Beewah

Pumping in a slab out at stunning Beerwah, check out that mountain view!

A lovely segment on WIN news sunshine coast. The House The Coast Built. Featuring the owner, Keith Cox; our office manager, Brittony Satchell and sales rep Stephen Satchell. We are proud to give back to this wonderful community.

House builds made easy with our 40 metre boom pump for all of those tight and hard to reach places.